Please Call Our Office!

  • Obtain literature – Channel Guides, info on how to set channel or time on cable box

  • Have billing explained

  • Exchange faulty remote controls

  • Place orders

  • Learn how to use remote controls, DVRs, Cable Boxes.

  • Set closed captions

Or We’ll Come to Your Home!

Correct TV settings.
Correct cable box settings.
Install Cable Boxes.
Install Spectrum Equipment.
Install/Replace Digital Adapters.
Setup Internet service.
Program remote controls.

Our Team

Superwire has an outstanding team to support the needs of the LWSB community!

Bob McCauley
Bob McCauleyManager
Bob was with SuperWire from the beginning! He lead the on-site support team at SuperWire until his retirement in 2018.
Lou Lipschultz
Lou LipschultzExecutive Vice President
Lou joined the SuperWire team in 2018. Lou has an extensive history in web and video technology, and brings a new batch of skills to the SuperWire team!
J. Michael Heil
J. Michael HeilPresident
Mike Heil is the President of SuperWire since 2004! Mike has over 40 years of experience in cable television, internet, and streaming technology.