Request the SuperWire Bundle: Frontier High-Speed Internet with Spectrum Basic Select Cable TV.

Internet is FREE through 1/31/24! Then, starting 2/1/24, the internet will be only $39.95 per month!

Spectrum cable is only $33.68 per month.

The bundle of the Cable TV with the Internet will be billed at $33.68 through 1/31/24, then $69.95 per month starting 2/1/24!

  • 500/500 speed!
  • No contracts
  • No set-up fees; free installation
  • Free router for wifi and wired internet within the house
  • Free cable TV box (one)

Fill out the following request form, and we’ll either A) modify your current account or B) create a new account for you if you are a new subscriber.

Frontier (and Spectrum if needed) will then contact you to schedule the installation! Once installed, you may then cancel your current provider. Don’t forget to return your current vendor’s router for a receipt conforming you have returned it. 

Request Bundle: Frontier Internet with Spectrum CableTV

request upgrade from spectrum cable to bundle, or request the bundle as a new customer
  • Upon submitting this request, a SuperWire staff person will contact you to confirm your order. Once your billing arrangements are complete, we will connect you to the Frontier Installation Scheduling team to plan your installation date. Thank. you again!