Bulk cable television is a specialized contract where every home on a property (LWSB) obtains Cable Television at a contracted rate for a number of years. From 2004 to 12/31/2022, GRF collected the Bulk Cable TV fees for SuperWire, and paid those fees to SuperWire every month.

Starting 1/1/2023, GRF no longer collects the Bulk Cable TV fees form residents, and SuperWire initiated billing for Bulk Cable TV Service.

As a resident subscribing for SuperWire’s Bulk Cable TV Service:

  • You get a fantastic basic lineup of cable television channels (Spectrum’s Basic Select package)
  • You only pay $33.68 per month for Basic Select channels from Spectrum
  • You have the option to stop and use other providers
  • You have the option to purchase additional channel packages from Spectrum, DVR’s (digital video recorders), Internet and telephone from our provider, Spectrum.

Since SuperWire is paying Spectrum for the Bulk Cable Service for every unit, you will pay SuperWire for your Bulk Service.

All other services you receive from Spectrum, or any other vendor for that matter (Frontier, Dish, Direct etc) will bill you separately.

The above bills are not duplicates! They are two different services: Bulk Cable TV (Spectrum’s Basic Select Channel Lineup)  which costs $33.68 per month, and a separate bill for any other service you purchase from Spectrum, or any other provider.

  • Around 2004 LWSB wanted Bulk Cable TV pricing, but there was a desire to also have flexibility of choice, whereby the residents were not required to purchase the Bulk Cable TV, which is the norm for a Bulk Cable TV contract. Technically, this was not possible since not everyone living in LWSB wanted Bulk Cable TV.
  • In order to achieve the goal of the LWSB Community as a whole, SuperWire was contracted to be the Bulk Cable TV Provider.
  • SuperWire (the company) plays a critical role allowing residents of LWSB to have flexibility and choice.
  • SuperWire negotiated a price with a Cable TV vendor (at that time it was Time Warner, which was acquired by Spectrum around 2016). SuperWire actually pays a negotiated rate for EVERY UNIT in LWSB. SuperWire then has taken on all the risk of paying for every unit.
  • However, SuperWire DOES NOT require every unit to purchase Bulk Cable, thus providing the flexibility desired by the residents of LWSB.
  • This is a risk, but since 2004, it has proven to be a good relationship for both LWSB residents and SuperWire.
  • The Bulk Rate (currently $33.68) is incredible, and one of the best rates for Basic Select lineup of cable channels.