The new Bulk Cable Television is no longer billed through GRF.

All current subscribers to Spectrum’s Bulk Cable Television have been added to the SuperWire billing system. Those active accounts are now active in the system, and ready for you to configure your account.

You will receive a letter very soon from SuperWire showing your current balance due, and offer three ways to pay your bill:

  1. Access your account and add your check details or credit card details
  2. Drop off a check at SuperWire’s office (behind the Library by the North Gate)
  3. Mail your check to SuperWire’s office

How to Access Your SuperWire Account at

  • go to, and click on the “my account” link at top of the page
  • Enter your SuperWire ID shared in your Invoice
  • Enter your temporary password
  • Enter
  • You are now logged in to your account
  • Change your password – do not leave your account with the temporary password.
  • Add your payment method
  • Save your payment method for automatic billing every month.