Below are several of the most common questions we have received.

Question 1) What will happen to my service if my mutual signs the SuperWire agreement.

Answer A) If the SuperWire Agreement is Signed BEFORE 11-22-22

If SuperWire obtains a signed agreement with the mutuals before 11-22-22 end of business, and we can finalize our agreement with Spectrum before 12-31-22 end of business, your service will stay as it is today.

  • You will receive a bill for service starting 1-1-2022 from SuperWire.
  • You will have multiple options to pay:
    • Credit card automatic monthly billing (preferred),
    • ACH automatic monthly withdrawal (check)
    • Mailed a check to SuperWire’s office on the property, or
    • Drop your check at the office.

Answer B) If the SuperWire Agreement is Signed AFTER 11-22-22

If the agreement is not signed by 11-22-22, SuperWire will not have time to finalize a supply agreement from the supplier in time to prevent termination of service by Spectrum. Therefore, all current Spectrum bulk subscribers will receive a letter from Spectrum providing them the required notice that their bulk services will terminate 12/31/2022.  Between 12-1-2022 and 12/31/2022, bulk subscribers must contact Spectrum to convert their current television service from Bulk Television to RETAIL pricing starting 1/1/2022.  If you do not contact Spectrum during this time, your service will be terminated 12/31/2022.

Question 2) What if I only have Spectrum’s Internet, and/or telephone, but do not have bulk television?

Answer: Spectrum Subscribers that do not have bulk television will have no changes to their bill. The current agreement is for bulk television service only. Your current Internet and or telephone service from Spectrum will continue as it is today.

Question 3) What will happen to my bulk cable television fee on my HOA annual bill?

Answer: That fee will no longer be on HOA billing statements. All bills going forward will be from SuperWire for the bulk services, and whatever provider you use for your internet and telephone will be a separate bill (Spectrum, Frontier, etc).

Question 4) What if the other vendor is unable to supply service as promised to our Mutual?

Answer: Some mutuals have signed an agreement with another provider. SuperWire has been advised (unconfirmed information) that the vendor has provided notice it will NOT SUPPLY SERVICE UNTIL JULY 2023. If this is true, residents in those mutuals will be forced purchase service at retail pricing from other vendors through July 2023. SuperWire is of the belief that we (SuperWire) may be able to provide service even though the Mutuals have signed with the other vendor.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon the wording in the contract signed with the other supplier, residents in that Mutual may still be able to access SuperWire’s Bulk Rate Pricing. SuperWire is committed to providing every possible resident access to heavily discounted Bulk Pricing. Again, our agreement does not limit choices to the residents. We will do our very best to keep you as a customer through excellent pricing and service.


To learn more about the SuperWire proposal, please view the Town Hall presented November 9 at Clubhouse 4. During this video, Spectrum representatives clearly informed Mutuals of details surrounding the changes that will occur at the end of this year (12-31-2022), and what can be done to eliminate the chance of interruption of cable television service: