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Leisure World Seal Beach Residents:
Spectrum Bulk Basic Cable Has Been Extended to ALL MUTUALS!

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Basic Cable

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Serving LeisureWorld with Cable and Internet since 2007!

At the end of 2007, SuperWire partnered with Time Warner Cable (Now Spectrum) to provide Cable TV, Telephone and Internet services to the residents at LWSB. That agreement ends 12-31-2022. HOWEVER, the agreement has been extended through 3/31/2023.  SuperWire has now re-contracted with multiple mutuals to provide heavily discounted, “BULK” cable television, and internet from 4-1-2023, for 5 more years!

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Spectrum Service Extended

December 25th, 2022|

As of 12/23/2022, Spectrum's Bulk Basic Cable Television service to the LWSB entire property has been extended to at least

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